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Schultz told the forum that the trial is due to increasing mental headaches over bathroom issues that make it difficult for store employees to manage the stores, the Times said. Schultz said it is "just a security issue," adding that coffee chains may need to limit the number of customers entering their stores. Such a development would be a reversal of Starbucks' policy of allowing everyone to use the restrooms, including those who had not purchased anything in the store. The policy was established after the arrest in April of two black men at a Philadelphia Starbucks store who were heading to the restroom. In Maitian, they were made with an unknown amount of money and an offer of free academic education at the coffee chain. After the incident, CEO Kevin Johnson was forced to apologize and all U.S. stores were closed for a day on May 29 to attend personal training against bigotry. He was executive president of Starbucks at the time of the incident. Read next. U.S. to bill H M in the news: Starbucks is one of America's largest companies. huileng Tan. facebook icon letter F. email icon folder. Indicates the possibility of sending an email.

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