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Hanwon's sophomore year in high school was the high point of his life. He had respect, a group of friends he could count on, even girls. But that was 12 years ago. Today, there is nothing. It is an important not contradictory personality that cheats children and is always forced to apologize to their young bosses. Sudden reports about the news of the grim murder of a Tokyo manji gangster brother and the only girlfriend she ever had come to further offend the evil. Takayama reminds us of the same day 12 years ago, when he still came out with Hinata Tachibana, before the train ended up staying Nentai's fate. After being forced to relive the same day he began his slide, Takemitsi meets his brother Chinata. Without thinking about it, he admits his apparent death before blinking past. nhentai returns with him at night to protect his sister, which is fatal and does not explain in the future. Miraculously, he is not dead. What is even stranger is that the future has changed. Alpine seems to be able to change the flow of time.


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