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The manager of former B2K Chris Stokes strongly denies allegations of sexual harassment that appeared in a recent online video of the RAZ-B band and his brother, the world of RAZ-B, Demario Thornton and his brother, Ricardo "Ricky Romantic" Thornton. Among the allegations made in the widely circulated clip is that Stokes touched Raz-B when he was a child and forced him to rest and shower with The band. The couple alleges in the video that Marques Houston was also abused by Stokes. And I am married. And I have four children. I was with my wife for 16 years. And I am not a pedophile. So all of these claims are false. I sue them. And I owe this to my wife and children, Dot and Dash. Ridiculous. Meanwhile, Kevin Sullivan, Raz-B and COO business partner Raz Beatz Entertainment, said Wednesday that the singer is not ready to develop a video category in the foreseeable future, but has met with lawyers and attorneys and is preparing. statement that may help explain his claims. Omarion also issued a statement Wednesday defending Stokes against the allegations.

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With the rise to fame, and the very strange gay sex that happened as it happened in the band B2K (he and apparently other member J. Boog had something going on between them).J-Boog is another one of reggae's major artists in Hawaii. His debut album, Hear Me Roar, quickly launched him at the top of the Hawaiian reggae scene with graphic details of the "Lollipop" between himself and former B2K J-Boog band member Homosexuality. The deal includes discounts on food at selected focal points, % discounts on selected points, discounts on sports tickets, and performing arts. Omarie Grandberry, also known as Omarion, Demario Thornton, also known as Raz B, and Jaleel Houston said, "I am not gay. [2] A claim later confirmed by Lil Fizz and J-Boog and rumors of homosexuality during the Millennium Tour where other members of B2K J-Boog ock laughed at Raz.

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