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U-Kwon in Block B reveals that he will be coming out with the Jun Sun-Hye model

U-Kwon and Block B's Jeon Sun Hee Split After 10-Year Appointment I was shocked. They were definitely going to get married. They spoke... Soon to marry his 10-year-old girlfriend, Jeon Sunhye. </pan> The couple has; Block B's U-Kwon revealed details of his hidden relationship with Jun Sun Model on the group's official fan cafe. 'BBC!U-Kwon of Block B and his 10-year-old girlfriend, Mannequin Jeon Sun Hee, have been damaged.JeonSunHee has revealed their current relationship, which is now in the works.U-Kwon is a member of Block B and his 10-year-old girlfriend, Mannequin Jeon Sun Hee, is a member of the group's official fan cafe. ukwon #wannado #feat #u-kwon 2nd single u-kwon (feat.

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Amanda Logue, "Sunny De" porn star guilty of murder of tattoo store owner

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