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Cumming to the vagina during pregnancy. Yes, the risk of becoming pregnant this way is very low. If pregnancy is to be avoided, contraception must be used. Pregnancy occurs when a sperm fertilizes an egg. This occurs even if you are not having intercourse. Sperm can be ejaculated during vaginal penetration, during which the penis enters the vagina. Spermatozoa are the fluid produced during ejaculation and contain millions of sperm. When the penis becomes erect, before ejaculation the fluid is called pre-ejaculate or "pre-combination tumor". This fluid may contain thousands of sperm. The sperm enter the body through the vagina and travel through the cervix and uterus to the fallopian tubes. There, the vaginal cumming is usually fertilized. The egg can be fertilized by the sperm contained in the sperm or by pre-emergence. Thus the risk of pregnancy is very low. This is because the sperm can only live for vaginal cumming on the outside of the body. However, it is important to know that if you are not planning to conceive, then vaginal camming Thus, it is possible to become pregnant. If you do not want to become pregnant, you must use contraception.

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In the withdrawal method, the partner pulls the penis out of the vagina and away from the genitals (vulva) before ejaculating. Meanwhile. This is a myth believed by many, but not true! When sperm dry up, they die and cannot travel to fertilize the egg. Sperm can live for days. Videos tagged "cum in vulva" (1 Movies, Results) Report. Sort by: XVIDEOS vaginal ejaculation videos, free. On the subject of female ejaculation, it is argued that it is actually the contractions of the vagina that push the fluid out of the vaginal walls. The concept of female ejaculation was already documented 2, years ago, is located along the walls of the vagina, near the. In addition to pregnancy, sperm and semen can also be bad for your vagina. If your vagina smells funny after sex, it is a prophetic sign.

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Yes, there is a study on this approved by the Okayama Central Hospital Ethics Committee and the methods section of the paper is very strong. For centuries there has been a mystery as to what is the fluid that is expelled during vaginal intercourse and where it comes from. In the 4th century, it was mentioned in various Chinese Taoist texts. During vaginal sexual stimulation, when orgasm is achieved, fluid may be expelled from the urethra. Until recently, any fluid ejected was described as female ejaculation. Squirting and female ejaculation are also very different from urinary incontinence. This is because the first two are accomplished during orgasm. Usually, when urinary incontinence occurs during intercourse, women are often aware of this fact and have a negative prostate-specific antigen PSA. It is believed that a percentage of women can ejaculate, often in ml. However, relatively little is known about the composition of the fluid and how it is excreted. Several experiments have been conducted in the past on this topic. In one study, Salama et al. used ultrasound to measure the composition of urine before and after intercourse. In this study, there were five women who voluntarily consented and all reported that they were able to ejaculate.

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