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Legs above the ground, W. The height ratio makes it the thinnest tower in the world. The new structure sits atop the historic Steinway Hall, described by the New York Mountains Commission as "a timeless monument to classical music and architecture. "Kevin Maloney, founder of Property Markets Group, praised the building for "his unparalleled location, his authentic architectural ancestry," praised the building in a statement of perfect symmetry to Central Park. The property listing was launched Monday. Two story homes. See some illustrations. Then read on. Peter Kotecki.

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Ali Larter will welcome her second child in a few months. And it is clear that the Final Destination actress is determined to make this pregnancy elegant. On Thursday, the blonde beauty was seen loading her Los Angeles car with many shopping bags, fashioning her silhouette and belly in a black dress that hugged her black Ali Larter Playboy. Baby Number 2: Ali Larter was seen loading many shopping bags into her car in Los Angeles on Thursday. Wearing almost no makeup, the Resident Evil protagonist was still perfectly shiny and highlighted her flawless skin with a white beaded necklace. Larter, who is married to actress Hayes MacArthur, could only smile as she stepped out of the shopping store; Ali and Hayes, who have a 3-year-old son, Teddy, dressed the boys for Halloween as pirates last week and joined the holiday in matching costumes of their own. There is this glow. There is hardly any makeup, but the biohazard hero was still perfectly shiny and highlighted his flawless skin with an Ali Larter Playboy beaded necklace. The soon-to-be four-member three-member family was seen going to a party in West Hollywood on Friday, adorned in Spartan attire. The actress recently revealed that of all her accomplishments, motherhood is what makes her life worthwhile. Speaking to Philadelphia Style last month, he said 'Being a mom, daughter, best friend, and husband ends touch.

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