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I saw this series a few years ago, but delayed writing a review because my impression of the series seemed to be against everything. Maybe as time goes on it will become more absorbing and I will have it again to give it a chance. The Spirit Guardian follows a simple structure. They send him with a bodyguard to hide from imperial assassins because this legend says that the prince of the kingdom will be the one who brings calamity to the kingdom. This structure serves two main purposes. The tanda male therapist is an overthrow of the archetype who is there to provide support and become a childhood friend who fell in love with Balsa. Though undesirable and fulfills his role, he does not have much of a personality to speak of him. Madame Trogai - A cynical older woman who appears to be a Spirited Away witch who serves as a spiritual shaman. Serves as a guide to provide a history of imagination. Shuga - a pure reader who wants only the best for the prince and serves as a means of exposure to reveal the history of imagination. This is literally his entire game - to serve the prince and read the records. Focusing on one or two great characters, while beneficial but harmless, seems to be the pattern of Huai's writing. This is not bad, but it is "maker or breaker" because it means that the main piece really must carry everything. Thematically, Building the World and Tradition is designed to explore the importance of learning to harmonize tradition, especially oral tradition, with nature.

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On her journey, she happens to save a prince and is assigned to be his bodyguard. And he needs him. Because his father, the emperor himself, wants him dead. Tone and his bodyguard, Balsa, visit the new Yogo Empire. He is hired to protect the second prince, Chagum, who is in danger because he is bound to be lightly sp by the emperor who ordered his murder. The two begin a dangerous adventure for the prince's survival. Over the course of the story, Balsa's past is revealed and she builds a family relationship with each other and others while uncovering mysteries about Tsagum's condition. Duration: 25 minutes of episodesNumber of episodes: 26Episode title: The series is as follows:1: We have.

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